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HORRIBLE! I would rate them as ZERO stars if I could. You might want to go with Secureship to save a few bucks, but don't, in the end it won't be worth it!

I shipped an antique Vanity with Secureship and the service has been terrible. Let it be known that I BOUGHT INSURANCE but they still refuse to pay me the insurance money!

First they lost my vanity for a MONTH, I realized when I got notifications at my old address there was a package trying to be delivered for me there (they were trying to deliver the package to the same address it was picked up from, really smart). They had started a lost package claim the week before so I don’t know how I had to be the one that caught this.

Right away when the Vanity arrived my HEART SUNK because the box was the wrong size, I knew right away there was something wrong with it and discussed it with the driver (who said he would report it as damaged). My husband and I took pictures step-by-step as we unpacked it, I would be happy to show anyone interested. SEE THE DAMAGE HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124993386@N06/

To start let me describe how it was packed: Before sending the vanity I tried to remove the legs of the Vanity, upon unscrewing them we realized they were glued with some sort of wood epoxy and could not be removed. Upon calling, I was advised me to ship it upside down (imagine as an upside down desk with legs in the air), so the legs were sticking upwards and wrap them well so they wouldn’t get bumped and scratched in transit. I followed their instructions and put it upside down, Underneath the cardboard and brown wrapping paper we wrapped it with 5 blankets for cushioning, 1 giant red blanket and multiple smaller blankets. We also wrapped the inside parts with 4 large towels and filled the gaps on the inside with clothes for cushioning.

We unwrapped the legs first. Upon unwrapping the legs it was clear that someone had ripped the legs off on purpose as all 4 were pushed inwards towards the centre (this was no accident), and you could clearly see all the bent nails and wood ripped apart (Please see photos). (After unwrapping the top cardboard and part of the packaging material, we took some photos of us holding up the legs, so you can see what it was supposed to have arrived like)

After unwrapping the first 2 we saw how bad the damage was, and while it was awful, thought maybe we could still get it repaired somewhere, But then we unwrapped the second legs and found that one of the legs didn’t break at the glue point but instead broke off the large piece of wood that was attached to it and ran along the side of the Vanity.

I’d like to mention this was a really sturdy piece of furniture. It was strong but now with that large side of wood broken which was a piece of the framing, it didn’t have a proper support anymore and the side panel came out. As we kept opening the package we further saw that every single piece of wood on the inside of the Vanity was damaged. There is not a single piece that isn’t broken, scratched and somehow damaged. I wrapped it with so much cushioning there is no way this could have happened if it was handled normally, your employees must have really been rough with it, even though I marked the package as ‘Fragile’ and also put fragile stickers all around it.


Now after dealing with them for nearly two weeks, spending a few hours sending photos and descriptions they denied the claime twice and refuse to give any insurance money or refund the original fee. What’s the point of letting people buy insurance if you aren’t going to honor it and pay them for the damages!!!!

First, I called UPS prior to shipping and packed it exactly as they had told me. Had they told me other packaging was required I would have followed their instructions, but they did not so I packaged it as the UPS representative on the phone instructed.

Second, more importantly, This damage was NOT due to shipping! If it had shown up with shipping damage, being bumped, dented, or scratched in multiple places that would have been one thing. But someone had to have PHYSICALLY REMOVED the legs from the vanity, that is NOT shipping damage, someone did this on purpose!

I still cannot believe they treat people like this. It is unacceptable. If it was shipping damage I would let it go, but the fact that someone made a conscious decision to break off the legs makes me angry and I hope you’d agree that is NOT OKAY.

This is really appalling customer service, the whole reason to have insurance in the first place is for situations like this. Why bother having insurance as an option at all if you aren't going to honor it?

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I can vouch for Mallory's review below. I saw her vanity and it was completely destroyed, the kind of damage someone had to have purposely done to make the package smaller.

It did not look like an accident, completely brutal.

The sad part is she only insured it for $400 anyway.

That wouldn't have come close to covering the damage even if they had paid her but this selfish company did not even want to pay out a measly small sum of money for something that was their contracting companies fault.

Don't use them.

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